Membership Information

  • a) Any individual not less than 21 years of age shall be eligible for membership.
  • b) The application for membership is to be submitted on the prescribed form which is available in the club.
  • c) The application duly proposed and seconded by the Permanent Members of this club should be submitted accompanied by a crossed demand draft or cash for Rs.and Rs. in respect of Govt and non-Govt applicants respectively.
  • d) All applications for membership are registered under various categories as under:
    • Govt: Only Class I Officers.
    • Non Government

Code of conduct

Preamble :

1. The JAYSHREA RECREATION CLUB has now been in existence for 80 years and has established high traditions of decorum good behaviour and etiquette. This has only been possible because of the high standards set for it by the ‘Founding Fathers’ and the generations of members who have followed. Traditions take a long time to mature and it is necessary that these are preserved and maintained. It has therefore been endeavoured in the succeeding paragraphs to codify the ‘Code of Conduct’ for members so that these customs and traditions of the Delhi Gymkhana Club Limited are maintained and preserved.

Basic Code :

2. (a) Every member of the Club is expected at all times to ensure that the decorum, traditions, and etiquette of the Club are properly maintained.
(b) No member of the club is expected to behave in any manner which is against the interest of the Club, whether while using the Club or outside.
(c) In case any member comes to know of any actions of any other member which are detrimental to the larger interests of the Club, it is his duty to admonish such member and bring this to the notice of the Managing Committee.
(d) Using Club property with due care and regard for its maintenance and upkeep.
(e) To totally eradicate “politics” from club culture.
(f) Don’t criticise the Club for the ‘Sake of Criticising’ Take ‘Pride’ in your club. Construction suggestions are always welcome.

Conduct in dealing with other members :

3. All members are required to maintain proper protocol and decorum while dealing with other members. The following actions are specifically prohibited as against the code of conduct.
(a) Raising voice while speaking to Fellow Members or their guests.
(b) Using rude, impolite and unparliamentary language.
(c) Using threatening language.
(d) Involve in an assault or affray with any other member or club guests.
(e) Unsocial activities in public such as using of cell phones in the hearing of fellow members.
(f) Rash driving, blowing of horn and improper parking. Pedestrians has a right of way in the club premises.
4. Display due respect and regard particularly towards senior/elderly members and ladies.
5. Customary wishing should be encouraged amongst members.
6. While corresponding with the club used courteous language.
7. All members of the Club wear the ‘Same club tie’ Adopt a helpful attitude towards fellow members, wherever possible both inside or outside the club.

Actions with dishonest intentions :

8. All members are required to be honest in all their dealings with Club, staff and other members. Some common misdemeanours are listed below:-
(a) Avoiding signing of guests in registers.
(b) Intentionally signing of chits with wrong name and number.
(c) Tipping waiters and staff with intention of getting personal attention.
(d) Making wrong declarations, wrong scores and such like a misdemeanour in the game of cards.
(e) Always clear club dues in time. If there is an error in the bill, first pay and then resolve.

Jayshrea recreation club